Keme Scientific

Academic and business consulting

What does Keme Scientific offer?

Keme Scientific offers consultation services that enhance productivity and decision-making.

Services offered

Language Services

Keme Scientific provides high-quality English language proofreading services for many types of scientific documents. Whether you need an abstract reviewed for a conference submission or an entire doctoral thesis prior to your defence, we offer competitive rates and professional service.

Systematic reviews

Poor decisions are often made when the most relevant and up to date information is not available. Your department or company can benefit by making the informed decisions based on the most recent scientific evidence and we can deliver this knowledge in the form of a systematic review.

Data analysis

Whether you need services in data cleaning, coding or analysis, we offer the services of highly-trained statisticians and programmers who can help you design an experiment or make sense of previously collected data.

Grant writing

Writing a grant is a time intensive process that involves writing competently and persuasively. We can assist your department or organization in the expert preparation of grant applications freeing you to be involved in other tasks such as administration or lecturing.